Sunset Tours! Sunset
into evening into night.

We provide a fun experience on one of our beautiful Okinawa sunset tours from either on land or on the water.*¹ 

We then sort your booking*² for you at a local restaurant for some famous Okinawan cuisine and a drink or two. 

Or if you really want to be outside and the weather permits, as part of our sunset tours, we can organise a BBQ as well! 

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the driving! We will get you back to your local accommodation*³ safely after the sun has set and if the conditions are right, viewing spots for the beautiful milky way in the starry sky along the way. 

Of course, as part of our sunset tours, we have a bilingual guide to keep your mind at ease and help you navigate during your sunset tour.

沖縄ツアー okinawa tours okinawa travel 沖縄旅行 Okinawa Sunset Tours


沖縄ツアー okinawa tours okinawa travel 沖縄旅行

With Okinawa being one the most southern islands in Japan you can experience a night sky the you wouldn’t be able to see on the mainland or in the big cities. Add into the fact that there is not much light pollution up in the northern part of the island, depending on the conditions, you could snap that perfect shot for your social media accounts.

沖縄ツアー okinawa tours okinawa travel 沖縄旅行

As all our tours include all photo and video data we couldn’t forget the magic of golden hour when it comes to sunset photography. We find a sweet spot for you and do all the hard work to achieve that perfect shot for all of your social media needs.

沖縄ツアー okinawa tours okinawa travel 沖縄旅行

Probably the biggest problem while imbibing in the culture is the limited options when you have to rely on a vehicle to get most places. We solve that problem by getting you to and from your accommodation* so your whole group can fully enjoy what Okinawa has to offer, especially in regards to enjoying a tasty beverage after an active day.

*see map

Okinawa Sunset Tour Conditions

*¹ Depending on the weather and conditions, you may not be able to see the sunset or stars.

*² Your meal and beverages are not included in the tour price.

*³ Outside of the pick up/drop off area are subject to additional charges.