Okinawa Sightseeing Tours. Experience culture, history
and nature.

Come and join us on one of our relaxing Okinawa Sightseeing Tours one day tour packages. We offer a variety of easy-going activities to suit your needs during the day and recommend this tour to our more reserved guests.

If you come in the cooler months, we concentrate on cultural sites, local experiences, short walks and secret photo spots that your personal, private guide will take you to get that social media content you crave. On our Okinawa sightseeing tours, you will also learn about the rich history of the main Okinawa island and the Rykyuu dynasty that has been here since 12th century and before.

If you are here during our hotter months we also add in some water time with a plethora of golden beaches and fresh water swimming spots to choose from. Of course, we won’t forget the world famous Okinawan cuisine, said to be the secret of longevity on the island of Okinawa.

Our fully bilingual guides are always at your side to keep your mind at ease while providing an informative commentary on your tour.

Sit back and let us do the all the leg work, because remember, you are on holiday!

Okinawa Sightseeing Tours
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