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Okinawa Sunset Sightseeing Tour | The Best Island Time

Okinawa Sunset SIGHTSEEING TOurS FROM ¥7000

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Okinawa Sunset Sightseeing Tour | Come Join Us

You don’t always need to be on the water (like on our Sunset SUP tour) so we have a land-based option for you to explore and enjoy that golden hour around the beautiful Okinawa sunset.

On our Okinawa Sunset Sightseeing Tour, we take you to a local vantage point for the sunset where you can sit back, enjoy the view, and another finish to the day on this great island. The activity is usually a small hike up to a peak during the evening. There you will watch an unforgettable experience where the sky turns a beautiful pink and orange hue and the sun disappears into the sea.
If you would like to check out our paddle board option click on the button here. 

Let Us Provide That Golden Hour Photo Service

We love a photo here at Active Okinawa and our guide will be your personal photographer. Don’t forget to get that special photo or video for your social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). We provide you with all the data when your tour has finished.

Restaurant or Izakaya Reservation?

Check with us for options after the tour if you require a local restaurant or izakaya to review the day over a cold one (or 2). We think it’s a great way to debrief!

So, what are you waiting for? Book this great travel experience now!

What to Bring

  • Solid Walking Shoes
  • Extra layer for those cooler nights
  • Insect repellant

We Provide

  • Bilingual Guide (Japanese and English)
  • Transport to and from hotel or resort accommodation in the northern area (see map)
  • All photo and video data


  • We operate daily
  • Times vary throughout the season but generally around a 5:00 pm pick up
  • Own Transport? Join us at the meeting place (Will advise starting time and place)
  • Allow around 1.5 hours for the activity
  • Plan for about 2.5 hours of total time

Okinawa Sunset Sightseeing Tour Pricing

Private solo guided tour プライベート・ソロ・ガイド・ツアー

Private Solo



Group of 2 or more 2名以上

Group of 2-4



Group of 2 or more 2名以上

Group of 5+



Cancellation Information Overview

Please note that a lot of moving parts are involved with the perfect sunset tour. We cannot guarantee calm weather or a perfect sunset for you. Tours will still go ahead if the weather is not conducive to a perfect sunset and no refund will be given if a tour goes ahead and you are not satisfied with the sunset conditions. Also, be aware of the cancellation fee when making a reservation. We of course keep the safety of every guest at the forefront and make decisions, depending on the weather, as early as we possibly can. If our staff makes a decision to cancel the tour, we will offer a full refund or let you pick another day. Your tour may be canceled for reasons out of our control.