Okinawa Tour 沖縄ツアー 18 | Okinawa Sunset Active Tour
沖縄県・宮古島・サンセットSUP | Okinawa Sunset Active Tour
Okinawa Tour 沖縄ツアー 56 | Okinawa Sunset Active Tour
沖縄ツアー okinawa tours okinawa travel 沖縄旅行


沖縄ツアー okinawa tours okinawa travel 沖縄旅行

Okinawa Sunset Active Tour

An Okinawa Sunset Active Tour could be a Stand Up PaddleBoarding (SUP) at sunset or a hike up to a great sunset spot. Not only a memorable experience but it is also the time of the day when the seas are generally the calmest. If the sea is not playing ball then we have those hiking options to get that sweet sunset shot during golden hour.

We then take you to a local restaurant to give you that authentic Okinawan cuisine experience that people travel the world for and that you probably won’t get on the resort.

As we are doing the driving on the Okinawa Sunset Active Tour, you can imbibe in the many local delights ranging from the local Orion Draft beer to some of the local Awamori or ‘Shima’ as the locals call it.

As part of your Okinawa Sunset Active Tour, we get you back to your accommodation safe and sound, while on the way, if the conditions provide, take in the beautiful starry night sky where you can see the milky way, and if you’re lucky, a shooting star or 2.

We love a photo here at Active Okinawa and our guide will be your personal photographer. We provide you with all the data when your tour has finished.

What to Bring

  • Wet footwear (eg. Booties, Beach Sandals etc.)
  • Solid Footwear (for walking)
  • Swim Wear
  • Towel
  • Rash guard or T-shirt (will get wet)
  • Change of clothes
  • Extra layer for those cooler nights
  • Insect Repellent

We Provide

  • Bilingual Guide
  • Your dinner booking
  • All SUP equipment (Board, Paddle, Lifejacket)
  • Transport to and from accommodation (see map)
  • All photo and video data


  • We operate daily
  • Times vary throughout the season but generally around a 5:00pm pick up
  • Allow around 1 hour active time on the water or hiking and 1-2 hours for dinner
  • 3-5 hours total with special interest stops and travel time


  • ¥9800 per person (group of 2 or more)
  • ¥14800 Private Solo Guide